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Bio statement Another ideal therapy, the bath therapy followed by irradiation, was, as it were, presented to the conference participants in the hospitable Bad Bentheim?

Braun-Falco: The dead sea was simulated in Bad Bentheim because there is a 28% saline brine, which is provided to the patient as bath tubs plus subsequent UV irradiation. The also possible balneo photochemotherapy how to cure seborrheic dermatitis, the PUVA bath therapy, to which the bath water psoralen is added, saves the patient the taking of medication and thus a liver burden.

Remarkable in the clinic Bad Bentheim are the progress with the installation of modern climatic chambers. In these, a UV irradiation of different quality is carried out in a temperature- and moisture-controlled room, which avoids the sweating due to the heat-emitting radiators. In this way, perspiration retention and itching are prevented. These new UV climatic chambers are a new nationwide treatment for neurodermatitis patients. It is very important to me, Chief Physician Dr. Stand my high recognition for this initiative and also his life in Bad Bentheim.

Questions and answers on the clinic and therapy of psoriasis as well as the differential diagnosis with the TED system on the second day concluded a profitable and informative symposium. A bath in the damp hay is relaxing on many people seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment - but it is not suitable for everyone. The wellness application from South Tyrol is not recommended for acute inflammation, skin diseases and cardiovascular problems, warns the "medical newspaper".

Contraindications include varicose veins as well as liver and kidney diseases. A positive effect is attributed to the hay bath for the blood circulation, the metabolism and the immune system.

If a hay barn was only possible in the late summer and autumn after mowing, it is now more and more often offered in winter. Heubadende put themselves naked for 20 to 30 minutes into the humid and up to 40 degrees hot hay. There they sweat and absorb a lot of the contents of the Hochalmen-hay over the open skin pores.

The hay used is usually subject to stringent directives: it should not have been mown in South Tyrol under a height shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis of 1,500 meters and in Bavaria not under 900 meters. Moreover, the meadows must not be fertilized and sprayed artificially.

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